Does It Really Matter What the Title of a Round-up Post Is?

REMINDER! Eisner Nominations Due This Friday.  Online creators — you can nominate yourself.  Don't be modest folks – if you've published online an outstanding body of work last year — put in a nomination.  It's an easy process to do and the judges can't pick something if it wasn't nominated.

I guess it wouldn't be a webcomics weekend without the t-shirts.

The Daily Cross Hatch reviews Derek Kirk Kim and Gene Luen Yang's collaboration, The Eternal Smile.

From the Strange Maps blog comes a comic called "World War II: If Maps Could Fight".

Comicspace CEO (co-CEO?) Joey Manley has a post with some examples of webcomic creators splitting from more corporate publishig arrangements.  A ha! He's suggesting webcomic creators may be better of without traditional arrangements in favor of D-I-Y. But wait, then he notes that other creators have left one publisher for an even bigger publisher.  So maybe it's not so clear?  Or maybe webcomic creators are all just "anal retentive control freaks and/or crazy egotistical jerks"… I'm picking on Joey a bit if only because he seems to be hedging on making any definite conclusions in his post, but otherwise he is asking the right kinds of questions (and the fact is there are lots of different reasons for why different creators have made different decisions on publishing arrangements in the last couple of years).

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