Don’t Bring a Pencil to a Webcomic Fight

Enjoy the weekend — I am working on wrapping up an interview I did with Caleb Sevcik which I expect to post after the weekend (probably late Monday night since it’s Memorial Day here in the ‘States) and we’ve got a new cover coming for June from Onezumi.  Here’s the news I found newsy enough this morning:

Let’s Get Ready to Webrumble!
The new webcomic blog and podcast Webcomics Rumble looks mighty impressive.  Better add it to your RSS feed.

James Turner (of Beaver and Steve) has a great comic about making (or not) comics.

Digital Strips has a review of a collection of PHD (Piler Higher and Deeper) comics called "Piled Higher and Deeper: A Graduate Student Comic Strip Collection" that is pretty indepth.  This is the early years of that comic, including many that focus on the creator’s time at Stanford University.

Anthony Clark, the newest colorist for Dr. McNinja, goes over how he does the coloring for that comic.  This is a useful tutorial – check it out.

John "Union Jack" Allison just dropped his seventh volume of Scary Go Round on papergo forth and acquire the goodness!  Also if you’re in Londontowne this weekend – John will be at the MCM Expo.


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