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  • Jesus! Sin Titulo is killing me with the suspense. This is one intense webcomic.
  • Luz: Girl of The Knowing is such a well done comic it almost gets me past the fact that it is largely a public service message.
  • Ramon Perez's Kukuburi was one of the best comics of 2007 and I'm really looking forward to where it goes this year.
  • The Abominable Charles Christopher is hard to describe sometimes. Charming most of the time, it's a glimpse into the animals of the forest and the sweet yet apparently not to bright yeti that lives among them.
  • Kissing Chaos is graphically inventive but a little bit underdeveloped on the narrative front at this point.
  • I can't tell where Raising Hell is going – a romantic comedy set in a horror movie or a bit of a send-up of horror movies – either way it's another fun read with good pace, two solid main characters and nice artwork so far.
  • The Port is sort of interesting, but exploding demon cats are kind of silly really…



  • Missed it but earlier this month Bryant Paul Johnson celebrated 8 years of his fantastic comic Teaching Baby Paranoia.
  • I think Nukees is hitting its 11th anniversary later this month… wow!

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