DrunkDuck releases list of contributor for third anthology

DrunkDuck has released the list of contributors to “Drunk With Laughter”, their third webcomic anthology. This year’s anthology will feature 16 artists with materials reflecting the general theme of humor.

Each contributor is either a current or former DrunkDuck member with submissions ranging from slapstick to subtle satire. The books are used as a fundraiser for the DrunkDuck website.

The sixteen contributors are as follows:

Amanda Hardy, creator of The Repository of Dangerous Things and What I Learned Today.

Chuck Rowles, creator of The Gods of ArrKelaan

David Davis, creator of Cosmic Dash and Warped

Dennis Jobin, creator of Tim

Gigi, creator of Frightmoore University and the artist behind Silence

Jenny Lui, creator behind Random Thoughts

Jonah & Jeremy Gregory, creators of Here There Be Robots

Karl Kuras, creator of Drawnsword

Kelsea Jewell, creator behind Gnoph

Nathan Castle, creator behind Melaines Choles

Neil Purcell, creator of Dasien

Paul Fortier, creator of Greener Pastures USA

Rebecca Long, creator behind Vastar

Reed Hawker, creator of Culture Shock

Serena Loder, creator of Firefly Cross

Shane Woodis, creator of Elijah and Azuu

Previous anthologies were “Drunk and Disorderly” and “Drunk In Public”. “Drunk With Laughter” is scheduled to be released in the fall of this year.