Embrace The Wikiness!

The Webcomic Wiki project grows and grows. I just hope I don’t hold anyone up too much. I just got finished reading a ton of the site, especially the discussions about the site itself. I posted a few notes on the front of comixpedia.org (I promise not to do that again, at least not much) but mostly I just have to identify more moderators for it. If you’ve been working on the project a lot and want to be a moderator email me with the name you been using over at comixpedia.org.

Also saw this quote – which cracked me up:

WebcomicWiki is a wiki about webcomics hosted by Comixpedia. Eric Burns proposed the idea after his attempt to take over Wikipedia failed (I kid, I kid). I did put it in as an external link at Wikipedia:Webcomic and a couple other related articles, though. Nifboy 02:09, 13 Sep 2005 (EDT)

Years from now that’s probably how we’ll remember this!


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