Enhanced Webcomic Techniques

Go me – I had a great time sketching and noodling over comic ideas this weekend (iIt’s pretty rare for me to have so much time to do that these days)  And… here’s some updates on the world of comics:

Jeremy Love won a lot of this year’s Glyph awards for his work on Bayou.  Congrats!

An interview with Mike Mignola of Hellboy (yes not on the web but c’mon it’s Mike Mignola!).
An interview with Nick Bertozzin on Iraqi War Stories, running at ACT-I-VATE.
An interview with Miles Grover of Thinkin’ Lincoln.
An interview with Carolyn Belefski of Curls.

Art looks nice on 24 Frames/Second.

If Amazon can mess with stuff I’ve bought for the Kindle then I have my doubts as to its long-term success.

Boing boinger Cory Doctorow pens a piece asking why fan fiction doesn’t get the same respect from copyright as critical analysis.


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