Eric Burns’ Gossamer Commons

Xerexes here. There’s been a lot of interesting and talented people I’ve gotten to meet via this labor of love called Comixpedia. None more talented at turning a phrase then Eric Burns.

Gossamer Commons, the webcomic Burns has been talking about at his blog, Websnark, has its first installment up today. Burns does the writing and Greg Holkan handles the art.

First impressions? A nice, clean approach to the art and lots of subtle scenario-setting in the dialogue with a few solid bits of funny. The apparent central character is a writer. Surprisingly, that’s not a common occupation in webcomics, but one that I think will be interesting to explore. This central character also has a mother not unlike my own and boy is today’s phone call dialogue pitch-perfect. For a debut episode, GC does about everything you’d want to get things going.

And uh, I have no biscuits on me – how about a junior mint? Burns and Holkan each get a sugary, minty junior mint. (How’s that for a semi-snark?)


Xaviar Xerexes

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