Espana Es El Champions!!! And now the news…


TOOLS (update)
Google Trends now has specific results for individual URLs so you can track things like what other websites visitors to PVP like to go to.

Steve Frug thinks through what length should mean when talking about graphic novels (hint: it’s not the same as a text-only novel). (h/t Journalista!)

Tom Spurgeon interviews alt-comix star Lynda Barry.

Sean Collins reposts an interview with alt-comix stars Gilbert and Jamie Hernandez he conducted last year.

(not comics but what the hey) ComixMix interviews World War Z author Max Brooks.

Webcomic creators:  you’re not invited to Okaton this year but hey feature the con in our contest and win something… (that’s what this press release read like to me anyway…)

Posting may get light through the July 4th weekend but be sure to check out the reader talk posts while I’m being lazy…



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