Essay Auction for Hurricane Relief

That’s right, kids. I’m auctioning off another custom essay. But this time, the proceeds go to the Red Cross for their Hurricane Relief efforts. Read on for the details.

update: Phil informed me that E-bay won’t let him go through with this because of legal rules regarding charities. Phil’s not the only one who got tripped up by red tape – Hope Larson was also stopped from auctioning off an illustration. Larson, however has decided to sell it to the first person who pays $150 for it and will donate that to Katrina relief.

The Katrina situation, to say the least, is dire. With not too much money in my own pocket, I’m aiming to help build up a large donation to the Red Cross with the use of another auctioned essay. All proceeds from this auction will go to the Red Cross to help out the victims of the catastrophe.


You get a full essay, 2-4 pages (Hey, I can only expound so much on one topic), on any topic you choose. Webcomics, Movies, Video Games, The world at large, you neighbor’s cat, anything you want. In any form you like, first person experience, short story, review, script, poem, anything (although I’ll say up front that I’m not the most skilled poet in the world).

You can use this to promote your own work, spread the word about a cause, waste everyone in the world’s time, whatever you want. It’s yours.


Personal attacks on any person, group, or anything of the like. This is in the spirit of charity, so let’s keep it positive, eh?

Again, all proceeds go to Hurricane Relief. So bid, bid, bid!