Everything Cartooning Web site

Brad Guigar, creator of “Greystone Inn,” is proud to announce the launch of Everything Cartooning dot com.

The Web site is a companion site for Guigar’s book, “The Everything Cartooning Book,” published by Adams Media.

Cartoonists can submit work for critique, ask questions in the discussion forum, share helpful advice, find a collaborator, and discuss cartooning in general. There’s a classified ad area where freelancers can find clients, clients can find freelancers, and writers amd artists can find a collaborator.




  1. The Discussion forum is back up and running. Darren :Gav” Bleuel kindly offered to lend his wisdom. 😀

  2. Looks like it is going to be a great area to meet up with other creators and the like. I signed up but couldn’t read my posts, in IE or Firefox…. when the bugs get out it will be a regular visit spot for me.

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