Todd Allen has an article at Publishers Weekly looking at the financial prospects for several online comics publishers.  Interesting article and remarkable that several "names" in publishing aren’t making much of an effort to get any revenue from posting webcomics.

Jim McLauchlin talks to Marvel’s Joe Quesada about a lot of stuff including a few questions about webcomics:

JM: Shifting gears, you have a new foray into original. Web-exclusive stories with new Hulk and Iron Man stuff. We’ve danced around this Maypole a few times, but is this indeed the wave of the future?

JQ: I certainly think it’s one of the future waves. But comics are branching out in so many directions that digital comics are just one facet of expansion. Marvel is branching out as well, and certainly we’ve proven to be a company these days that embraces our readers in whatever form they may take whether they be real, virtual or otherwise.

I know some may look at the digital world with fear, but I always go back to this one place: When collected editions started to really become commercially significant, everyone and their mother was claiming this the end of the monthly comic with complete certainty. Perhaps these are the same folks who thought the Ultimate Universe a dumb idea? Anyway, I kept telling folks that I believed that both trades and monthly comics will thrive, and that one would help the other. I feel the exact same way about the world of digital comics. I think it will help monthly comic sales as well as trade sales. There will be people who will like one form over another and there will be those who will like multiple formats.

We’re really diving in the pool now. We have new, Web-exclusive stuff launching featuring Kid Colt, Werewolf by Night, American Eagle, Fin Fang Foom and more. We’re trying a little bit of everything here. It’s not like you see a lot of "regular" Western comics, monster comics, or humor comics out of Marvel. But we’ll try them here and see what gains an audience. It’s really a rather exciting time for this field, as we cross over into new media.

Sean Kleefeld wonders what happens to a webcomic that doesn’t win its ZUDA contest.

DJ Coffman does not like pseudo-animated comics.

No matter how popular it is  — Random Assembly should be more so — go check out Samatha Allen’s great (and continually improving) webcomic — it’s funny in a Girls With Slingshots / Questionable Content vibe but it has its own sensibility.  And please DO NOT TRAUMATIZE THE CAT!



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