Eyeskream Spot Reserved For Woman Creator

On February 14, St. Valentine�s Day, the Eyeskream collective will announce a new member that will fill the spot of a departing memeber. For this new member, however, the Eyeskream collective will pick a woman creator.

For this opening, submissions are open until February 10th. And if you are not chosen, we will keep your submission on file for any other openings in the Eyeskream collective.

And don�t worries guys, you can still submit your webcomic to us, but they won’t be considered until March.




  1. Well I see what you mean John. But the question is not if it will make a difference in the demographic of the strip’s readers but more if it would make a difference in our community?

    We all know that man and woman see things differently, and this is why I want to have more women in Eyeskream. Currently we have one (Kennedy’s Tales) and she bring most of the time a different and interresting view of things.I wanted to make something different this time to get a new member, and having think of the St-Valenine’s day seem a good idea to me?

    Last year in all the many webcomics submisisons we got, only 5% of the submissions were women creators? I know there is a lot of webcomic manage/created by women, there is even a webcomic group that have as members only women( GirlAMatic). I think we could certainly use more “feminine insigh” in our group 🙂

    BTW John, where is your webcomic hosted now? Do you have a new url?


  2. Wow, I guess the women just can’t compete with males on an equal footing.

    Sorry, that was a really snarky way to get my point across 😉 If they find they’re short of women, should it really matter? Shouldn’t they be more interested in getting the best strip, rather then a creator to fit a particular demographic? Then again, they might find targetting that demographic then getting the best submitted comic. After all, the best 5 might all be sci-fi, when they want to target readers of stuff other then sci-fi.

    But does the gender of the creator really make much difference in the demographic of the strip’s readers?

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