Fallout 3 Expansion: Operation Webcomic

Check out our current sponsor – the webcomic Null Knowledge.

BusyGamer has an interview with Danielle Corsetto of GWS.

I won’t be at Webcomics Weekend but will you?  Panel and pub crawl schedules up at the website.


Mitch Clem and Nation of Amanda ("It takes a nation of Buffys to hold us back") are drawing clever riffs on existing album art for a cover song project called Under the Influence.  Some very cool stuff there.

If you haven’t checked out the Covered Blog get it a look – classic comic book covers redone.  Not all of them are interesting but some really are.

SciFi SyFy Webcomics
New installment of that Star Wars webcomic.  Oh nos – trade discussions will conquer the galaxy.

I’ve seen several blogs point at Runners by Sean Wang which does look pretty good.


Kent Archer, the Inker on Dr McNinja has a new comic with co-creator Tom Torres called Porterhouse.

Porterhouse follows the trials and tribulations of a struggling comic book artist named Porter trying to break into the comic industry. We follow him on his various endeavors from traveling to conventions, taking on side jobs, and just hating the life of a starving artist. In order to survive the struggles of NY life he earns his living by working the meat counter at the local grocery store.



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