Feeling Blah – Short Update

Sorry for the lack of updates this week, but your ace reporter is feeling a bit under the weather right now. So let's open up the ComixTALK mailbag!  First there's a note from John Allie who wrote an essay about feminism as it pertains to webcomics. There have been more than a few controversial comics and statements by cartoonists all of which Allie tackles in the essay.  It's very interesting work and well worth reading.  Here's one snippet from it that sets out its thesis:

The openness of the webcomics medium has made it fertile ground for female cartoonists, which has led to an influx of women into the field, both as creators and readers. While misogyny may still exist in many popular webcomics, readers do not allow these slips to pass without comment, and the number of webcomics by, for, and about women is increasing.

And of course how about a little hype for some new webcomics:

Nathan Bonner writes that after some 900+ pages and nearly seven years, my space adventure webcomic Indavo ended last May. I have recently switched gears and worked with my partener-in-crime, Jamie Miller, to produce a new webcomic – Shamus Stone.  It's a film Noir-style Detective comic set in 1946 Chicago. It updates twice a week in glorious Black & White (No offense!)

steven "Scruffy" Atherton writes about his new webcomic Warts…And All which chronicles the misadventures of a somewhat disfunctional, riddled with "isms" American family.  Comprised of a well meaning (albeit befuddled) father, a perpetualy at the "end-of-her-rope" mother, and an assortment of psychological disorders disguised as children. Sometimes raw,  sarcastic, violent, blunt, it is always spinkled with a touch of love (haha).  Anyone who has ever had to suffer a family should take consolation in the fact that they are not alone. 


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