File 49 Now In Print

Sara Turner’s Sci-Fi epic File 49 has been collected in print. This gigantic 260 page graphic novel collects the entire first story arc of the series, plus 20 pages of notes and sketches.

About File 49:

“Keith has never done well around people. With the ability to read other people’s thoughts, Keith’s learned to live life as a loner. So, needless to say, when he’s instructed to pick up two kids that possess the same, strange mark that rests on his arm, things don’t go smoothly. In fact, it goes from bad to worse when a harmless journey to discover their forgotten past turns into a race for their lives where truth is hidden and trust is a struggle.

“Join Keith, Josh and Truely as they try to uncover the secrets of not only themselves, but of the file that brought them together…File 49.”

You can order the graphic novel as well as read the entire series online at Make Like A Tree Comics!