Filthy Lies to give away free books!

Announced today on the website, Filthy Lies is planning on giving away free Filthy Lies books to the top finishers in a contest to spot errors in the previously published strips.

This obvious ploy by Enigma/Scrubbo to get his readers to perform editorial duties prior to the publication of the book was met with mixed reactions. “What a great idea!” gushed an unidentified scraggly woman long thought to be the artist’s mother. “Over my dead body!” declared Chris Crosby. “It’s about time that lazy jerk tried to get some quality control on his crappy strip” opined John Troutman. His girlfriend was quoted as saying “maybe this will distract him enough he’ll quit constantly begging for sex.”

Loot for the winners is reported to be books, t-shirts, and sketches of characters.