Five years of Striptease

Striptease celebrates five years of twists, turns, and teases today. (It will also reach the 500 strip mark on October 12th). This is a good time to jump on the reader bandwagon and get hooked on the webcomic that many say “if it only updated more, it would be totally awesome.” So, yeah. For the record, I am updating again.

This is a guilty pleasure webcomic with plots full of unlikely romance, outrageous suspense, overdramatic betrayal, and some odd humor. Striptease focuses on Max, a comic book illustrator, and his relationships with his diverse group of friends…and enemies. You’ll also meet Alli (the sexy ex), Emily (the uptight editor), Tommy (the supportive inker), Rachael (the curious naive singer), Damion (the goth drummer), and Willy (the gay hillbilly guitarist), just to name a few.

If you like your webcomics packed with sexy girls, evil twins, shocking betrayals, clichés that get turned upside down, and characters you love to root for, then give Striptease a read. Thank you.

Striptease is hosted by Keenspot.