Flight of the Living Dead

I finally got a chance to read Flight of the Living Dead by Scott Ewen which is basically a "zombies on a plane" story. (Still waiting for the Sam Jackson character to make his entry…) It’s an entertaining enough concept and I’m going to stick with it further but I got to point out the major flaw in the visuals so far: which is that Ewen apparently doesn’t know what the inside of an airplane looks like. Airplanes are crowded and confined and it’s basically a big metal tube. Your backgrounds shouldn’t look like the plane has a big conference room stashed in it somewhere.

Mea Culpa – the creator is basing the plane on the Airbus A380 which has very non-plane like rooms that can be used for gyms, or bars, or private sleeping cabins…  I’d still like to feel a better use of the plane setting in the visuals – I didn’t get any sense of claustrophia or confinement to a limited space which I would think is one of the key features of the setting – there are zombies and you can’t just jump out of the plane…



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