Freaky Friday

Well, Webcomics Nation is go. It looks like it’s priced at $9.95 a month. (more details in our post below). The launch caught Warren Ellis’ eye. Ellis also noted this morning on his Bad Signals mail list that certain media execs have not looked favorably upon the leak, bittorrenting and subsequent cult popularity for the Global Frequency pilot and that “it as dead as dead can get as a TV series.”

Also Glych is (literally) having a paper drive to help her keep making comics.

Several years ago, due to my broke-ness, I held the first official paper drive where fans of my work could buy me paper. Just recently, I’ve run out of the last of those wonderful contributions from those loyal fans (thank you all!). I am still just as “Starving” of an “Artist” as I was those many moons ago. I have a large ammount of work ahead of me, not just with No Stereotypes but also NonPersons, the Experiment, and new Red Dahlia chapters to come…All of which is difficult to produce for me…you know…without paper.

You can find out how to donate paper or just drop some ducats in her tip jar at the site.

And be sure to check out this collaborative gallery of sketches drawn with a ball point pen. It is pretty amazing.

UPDATE:Global Frequency was a television project based on Warren Ellis’ popular graphic novel franchise of the same name. A pilot episode was completed and the show was scheduled to premiere in the Spring of 2005 on the WB television network. A change in network management altered the plans for Global Frequency and it seemed that Global Frequency would never be seen on television. In June 2005, however, a digital copy of the Global Frequency pilot episode made its way onto the Internet and a fanbase has developed around it. More details on this website.