The swedish twin comic artists Kent-Ove and Nils-Erik Lindstrom has released several of their comics as freeware art. Anyone can download, read and distribute the comics as long as it is done non-commercially and the authors are credited for their work. The comics can be found at the Twin Engine freeware comics homepage. Preview PDF-files are browsable online and zipped complete issues in PDF-format are downloadable.

The Lindstrom brothers run an illustration company called Twin Engine based in Stockholm, Sweden. They have been professional illustrators since 1997.

The purpose of the project is to support the freeware movement and to show that its principles are not only applicable to programming. The idea is that readers may volontarily support the further production of comics by donating a dollar or two through PayPal.

“It’s an experiment. We had the rights to do whatever we wanted with these comics and we liked the idea of letting people decide for themselves what our comics are worth and what they can afford”, says Kent-Ove Lindstrom.

The first batch of released freeware comics are 6 complete issues in various genres. 2 further issues are planned to be released within a month.

Lazarus P.I (Action and Suspence)
The story revolves around a private eye battling demons, ghosts and other supernatural creatures during the prohibition. Two stories are released (45 and 55 pages in full color), In “Eaters” Lazarus is forced to combat an evil cannibal sect ruled by a woman with very special dinner plans for our favourite P.I. In “Sylvias Murder” Lazarus finds himself on the trail of a murderer stalking a speakeasy.

Dr Iblis and the Mummy (Humour and Adventure)
A three part miniseries (24 pages each) about a group of charlatans during the thirties making their living by performing fake seances for money. One day an ancient egyptian tablet ends up in their possession, a tablet that tells how to bring the dead back to life…With the help of Egyptologist Gabriella Jonsson, and thorough historical research, “Dr. Iblis & the Mummy” is, as far as possible, historically correct. Hieroglyphs and legends are for real. Even the depicted egyptian magic is true to ancient beliefs.

Nude Raider: The excesses of Lana Craft
An adult (x-rated) 24 page, full color, parody comic based on a popular game character. Lana Craft is an adventuress with a talent for finding lost treasures, kicking ass and having lots of sex. She and her former mentor, the evil Rutger von Krai are competing to find the Girdle of Nazzah, and through it take control of immense powers.


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