Friday Follies Update with Xerexes

Here’s an assortment of going on’s for Friday:

The amazingly odd and funny month of guest art at Gluemeat called Deadmeat is over and new regular webcomics from Case Yorke should resume next week. Now if they would just stop fighting with BoxJam!

How do you explain White Ninja to someone who hasn’t read it before? Seriously, I’m asking! Another out of left field big laugh from the brunching ninja today.

I thought these cell phone trailers before the movies were old hat by now, but this PvP is still a funny one.

There’s a new issue of the Keenspace Monthly out for July with a cover from McDuffies and a review of Anywhere But Here and an interview with its creators.

Natalie Dee gets some link love from the Drawn! blog. Be sure to check out Exploding Dee if you haven’t already.

Last is a webcomic from James Burns called Detached which is a true to life story of Burn’s brush with blindness from a detached retina during a busy time in his life. I’m not sure I’ve made that sound as interesting as it actually is, but this is an authentically engaging piece of journal webcomicing worth a read.


Xaviar Xerexes

Wandering webcomic ronin. Created Comixpedia (2002-2005) and ComixTalk (2006-2012; 2016-?). Made a lot of unfinished comics and novels.