Friday Funtacular

Tomorrow’s Free Comic Book Day and while digital comics are not officially invited to play, I’ve been seeing various webcomics making special offers anyway.  UCLICK (btw is UCLICK really "the #1 distributor of comics on the web and on mobile phones" as they claim?) is offering the first issues of several of titles for free on the App Store for iPhone and iPod touch, beginning Friday afternoon, May 1, until Saturday, May 2, at 11:59 p.m. (PST).

DIgital Strips reviews Frequently Asked Questions, the latest print collection from the comic Unshelved by writer Gene Ambaum and artist Bill Barnes.
Derik Badman reviews the print collection, Beanworld Book 1: Wahoolazuma.

Daily Cross Hatch has the first half of an interview with Gene Yang up (and another part of its multipart interview with Box Brown.)

Eric Trauttman, Brandon Jerwa, David Messina, and Mirco Pierfederici are launching a webcomic called Wide Awake – a horror/adventure tale that got its proof-of-concept in the second “Popgun” anthology.  They will have a six-page teaser available on Free Comic Book Day this Saturday.

Tom Spurgeon encourages you to "Vote Early, Vote Often, Vote Eisners"  – voting on the nominees for the 2009 Eisner Awards lasts until June 15th.  More information is here.

Around the World in Several Blogs
Comics Alliance notes the Penny Arcade comic on the recent "no gays in Star Wars" controversy


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