Morgan Pielli wrote to us about his horror webcomic Driftwood:

Several months ago I started doing a weekly horror webcomic called Driftwood about dead tree limbs that turn people into clouds of dried leaves. I thought this might be something you'd be interested in looking at.

It's pretty good so far, which although just a bit into what seems like a longer story, has been handled well.  There's a supernatural gimmick — trees killing people (apparently!) by turning them into a pile of leaves — and the art while not flashy is effective and has some creepy touches here and there (a good thing in a horror story).

David Dwonch wrote to us about his comedy webcomic Space-Time Condominium:

I just wanted to drop a line and hip you to my webcomic, Space-Time Condominium. It's a fictional Canadian sit-com about five versions of the same guy from parallel Earths that share a living space.

Wow – it's a pretty clever concept and sounds just like what it's purported to be: a sit-com.  In fact, Dwonch takes the sit-com thing pretty far with "studio laughter" in the comic and a writing style that clearly apes the sort of "almost humor" that a lot of sit-coms slide by on.  It's clever and impressive since Dwonch is taking a lot of trouble to hit the sitcom style, but it puts the whole story at a remove and definitely distances your investment in the characters. Which really isn't all that important as the characters are largely stereotypes (especially the gay Griffin and the redneck Griffin).  Still it's totally worth checking out — the art is actually quite good and Dwonch's visuals are pretty expressive.


Xaviar Xerexes

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