Friday News Blip and Thanks to Our Sponsors

New Sponsor! Transformers The Movie. How cool is that? We also want to thank continuing sponsors 8 Films To Die For, My Favorite Mirror, and the webcomics A Pirate's Life For Me, I See You, The Flow Field Unity, O''Deer, Gunnerkrigg Court, Alma Mater, and King Tractor Press.


  • Digital Strips latest podcast covers the newly revamped webcomics site, Pixel Strips.
  • Jeffrey Rowland states that he will be doing some new WIGU comics which he describes as "'prequel' comics kind of. Before the madness set in." He is also going to scale Overcompensating back to 3 days a week.
  • Pat Loika launches webcomic, HoCal, about the hotel industry at the Silent Devil website.
  • Chris Crosby notes that Keenspot is a silver sponsor for this year's edition of the Child's Play charity created by Penny Arcade. It's great to see Keenspot step up and support a great cause.
  • A very brief article this time, but The Comic Book Bin website threatens to "journey back to the early history of web comics. Where did they come from? What were these proto-web comics like and who created them? We’ll track the growth of the medium and it’s relationship to the technology that spawned it." I'm curious as to what they decide to cover.



  • The trailer for Spidey 3 drops. Lots of quick cuts so hard to tell really. But it does look like they may run the risk of Batman 2 disease on it – which if you remember is the second Tim Burton Batman movie where he crammed in to much (unresolved) story and characters for a two hour movie.


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