Friday’s Good News

Salon reviewed Hope Larson’s latest book, Gray Horses.  Larson and husband Bryan Lee O’Malley are holding a book signing today at Page 45 in Nottingham, England from 4-7pm.

Tom Spurgeon has a writeup of a controversy over a book on the history of manga comicbook available at a local library.  It’s your basic hysteria over "kids can see it" which sadly seems like a never ending source of hysteria for about 29% of the American population.

Spurgeon Bart Beaty has a column up at The Comics Reporter entitled "What SPX Can Learn from Fumetto." Worth a read to see what folks like about the european Fumetto convention and how some of it could be adapted to SPX.

Jon Morris (creator of Jeremy) is posting his versions of several superheroes at his blog – good stuff!

And last but not least, Flight anthology contributor Erika Moen has an exhibition of her senior project, a graphic novella titled DominionIt runs until April 16th at McConnell Center, the Dining Hall, Pitzer College.

Xaviar Xerexes

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