Friends, Fundraising and Cat Garza

I took the day off and hung out with Bup and his family today. Other than repeated spottings of the nefarious Case Yorke, the day went well.

If you're interested in the Save ConnectiCon effort check out Websnark today – Eric's all over that story. In a related vein, I saw that Jamie Robertson is having a fundraiser for his webcomic Clan of the Cats so that he can keep up working on it. Clan of the Cats is a veteran webcomic but also one with great story and great art. It's a bit of a mystery to me why it isn't more widely read.

Also got news from cat garza that he has a new strip up at his Magic Inkwell site. cat says, "i'm still experimenting with how to best present the songs that go with this strip visually (as well as musically). i'm much happier with this installment (compared to the last one). the images are much more timed with the music and i'm happier with this song. hope you like it."


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  1. It definitely inspired in me a few things to say. Positive, of course.

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