Friends of Lulu Board Accepting Nominations Until September 18th

Just saw this on Heidi MacDonald’s blog — the Friends of Lulu group is accepting nominations for board members until September 18th. The full press release is after the break:

2007-2008 Friends of Lulu Board Nominations

It’s time to nominate the best and brightest for the Lulu Board of Directors!

Nominating and voting individuals to the board is one of the privileges enjoyed by members of Friends of Lulu. Both comics professionals and comics fans are welcome to run for the board; self-nominations are accepted! We are looking for a few dedicated souls to volunteer their time and energy for a year as we go about bringing women and comics together. Being part of the national board can be very rewarding and enjoyable, and you can make a huge difference in the FoL organization.

We currently need to fill the following positions:

The President leads Friends of Lulu in its calling to unite women and comics. This includes planning, programming and executing the events and projects Friends of Lulu has over the course of the year such as the Lulu Awards, all with the help of the rest of the Board of Directors.

Recording Secretary:
The Recording Secretary sits in on monthly online meetings, records minutes and presents them, maintains an archive of previous minutes, and prepares documents
as necessary.

Membership Secretary:
The Membership Secretary keeps an updated record of current and lapsed members, and maintains e-mail and snail-mail correspondence with them. Mails out welcome letters and membership cards to FoL members, new and returning. Regularly sends membership updates to the
Newsletter Editor.

Make a nomination online by using our form at: Please enter the name and e-mail address of the person you wish to nominate.

Please keep in mind we are always looking for volunteers to help us out at conventions, on our Website, and in our newsletter! If you wish to donate your time and energy to Friends of Lulu but do not
wish to be on the Board of Directors, please contact us by e-mail:

Nominations will CLOSE on Tuesday, September 18th and we begin voting shortly thereafter!


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