The Fundamentals of Webcomics Are Still Strong

So after wandering the wilds of Arizona last week I thought I’d catch us all up on some things from webcomicland:

First off here’s a post from DJ Coffman any creator looking to do the webcomic thing should read: "Host your own friggin’ webcomic" shows how you can start up a webcomic for almost nothing.

Last week there was a good interview with Gordon McAlpin, the talented creator of Multiplex and a co-host of the Triple Feature movie podcast.  I’ve been reading Multiplex from day one so I don’t really know if it’s underrated or not — either way if you’re not reading it give it a look — it’s a great mix of actual story along with a big box of popcorn movie-related subjects.

Chcuk Rozakis ask some good questions about how comics publishers will make use of the web.  Is he right that a "perfect" e-reader will be a print-killer?  Is DRM (i.e., copyright protection) going to slow down or stop fans migration to the publishers’ web offerings?

El Santo takes a look at Marvel’s announcement it’s putting original material – comics based on the Hulk and Iron Man movies – up on the web.

Here’s an interview with aka Gabe and Tycho from this year’s PAX about the Penny Arcade empire, including the location (BOSTON!) of next year’s PAX EAST.

The Eyeskream webcomic collective adds three new webcomics to its roster: Little Terrors, Gamer Candy, and Somewhere in SF.

Roddenberry comics is giving away stuff: a 2009 Roddenberry Comics Calendar, featuring episodes from “Gene’s Journal’ and “Rod Barry,";  a pair of clocks of both “Gene’s Journal” and “Rod & Barry,” and a “Gene’s Journal” journal, ready to keep your most trusted thoughts and memories.  Check out the site for contest details.

Check out the newest bit of robot-goodness: Lovesick Robot.



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