Future of Comics; Part 101

Dirk Deppey over at Journalista! in his top of the post essay picks up on the "whither comic books" meme kicked off by Tom Spurgeon’s post on prices.  I took Spurgeon’s post as a jumping off point to think about how much more freedom creators have today to tell stories: serialized daily, weekly, whatever or not serialized at all.  Deppey goes in another direction to refute a point Spurgeon made that online comics don’t replace the "sampling" aspect of monthly comic books:

Spurgeon seems to operate from the assumption that any online system should replace the system that we have now under terms that preserve whatever comfort provided by the present system. It’s a nice idea and I hope that things work out that way, but I’m not at all convinced that anyone is going to get a choice in the matter. I think it far more likely that publishers and creators are going to wind up reacting to the online world as it sets the agenda — that the environment will to shape its inhabitants, rather than the other way around.



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