Genre City Completes Prologue; Chapter One to Begin…

The final installment of the prologue of Benjamin Birdie’s webcomic Genre City: Plan B, hit the streets today, September 14. The first chapter of Plan B, “Oxygen” begins on September 16, with new installments every Tuesday and Thursday at Modern Tales, until Plan B is done, approximately 300 pages from now.

“Last Place” tells the story of “Triple” Lutz and “The Sow Cow” (two disgruntled hitmen), Noah Birnbaum (an IT Help Desk jockey on the verge of unemployment), Kid Insomnia (record store clerk), and The White Girl (mysterious yet attractive alien about to finish her lifelong mission to destroy the rest of her species). The 31 page story is merely a tantalizing glimpse at the lives of five individuals who are about to have a lot more to do with each other.

Visit for news about Genre City and his SPX Debut Minicomic, Near, Mississippi.


Xaviar Xerexes

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