GEOFPTWT: Round 3 Nears The Big 100

Gran’ma Evelyn’s Old-Fashioned Pudding Treats Wrestling Theatre, one of the longest running jam comics on the web, is reaching unprecedented heights as it draws ever more closely to the 100th strip for Round 3.

But the journey has not been an easy one. During Round 3, GEOFPTWT went through TWO transformations, first as Uncle Space Cheney’s Old-Fashioned Petrolium Treats Wrestling Theatre, and now as Multi-Dimensional Wrestling Theatre. Think Infinite Crisis, only funnier.

Here is what some famous people have said about GEOFPTWT:

“Hee hee! Oh, this is so out of control. Who even the smurf knows what’ll happen?”
Andrew Franks

“…I think DC is ripping off Wrestling Theatre. Their Infinite Crisis series has for it’s main villain an alternate universe version of President Luthor while for our villains we have alternate universe versions of V.P. Cheney, President Lincoln and other Presidents. Coincidence? I doubt it.”
-Garth McMurray

“holy crap that thing is still going?!”
Brian Fukushima

The best thing about GEOFPTWT is that anyone can join! So, do you want to decide the fate of the Wrestling Theatre Universe? Do you want fame, fortion and prestige? Do you want a hug? Then go here for the official rules, then e-mail Chuck at to sign up! Happy Wras’lin!


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