Girl Genius Day – Buy The Book!

Borrowing from the marketing jujitsu of Machine of Death, the Foglios have urged fans to buy TODAY the new (text) novelization of Girl Genius titled Agatha H and the Airship City — if they sell a lot of books today it should draw the attention of buyers at independent book stores, and also push it up the rankings at

January 12 is Kaja's birthday, and it's also our self-declared Girl Genius Day! We're hoping you'll do something suitably mad and/or steampunkalicious for the occasion.

I also saw that Scott Kurtz wrote a nice post in support of the plan:

Today is Girl Genius day. And everyone reading this should celebrate.  For those that don’t know, Girl Genius is the amazing steampunk webcomic by Seattle based cartoonist Phil and Kaja Foglio. The couple recently published a prose novelization of their work called Agatha H and the Airship City. And tomorrow is the day they hope you buy it.The idea is that, if a lot of people buy the same book on the same day, it will help get them noticed by the buyers at your local independent book stores, and also push us up high in the rankings at sites like High sales rankings definitely help raise awareness of the series.  Tomorrow is also Kaja’s birthday. And buying the book would be an amazing gift to her.

Scott also mentions that Phil and Kaja are doing a book signing in Seattle at Ravenna Third Place Books (6504 20th Avenue NE, Seattle, WA 9815).


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