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If you blog about comics (your own or others) you can now have those blog posts automatically show up here at ComixTALK too – just add the feed from your blog to your account here at ComixTALk and we’ll automatically recreate your blog posts as Talk Posts here at ComixTALK (with a link back to your own blog in each post here).  Click here to add a feed and click here if you need help on figuring out what is the feed for your outside blog.

As always thanks to the sponsors this week which include The Learn to Draw the Human Figure course, The World Famous Laugh Factory in Hollywood, the graphic novel Cash & Carry and the webcomic hosting service


A new Webcomics Weekly from the HalfPixel crew on building community around your webcomic.  (Also if you’ve missed it the HalfPixel crews book How To Make Webcomics is now available in stores.)

Gigcast coverage of the 2008 WCCAs ceremony.

Digital Strips has a new podcast that considers whether I Can Has Cheeseburger? is a comic.


Elanor Cooper interviews Sarah Ellerton, creator of Phoenix Requiem.

Jim Zubkavich was a guest on the Llama Report podcast recently.


Will the movie of Speed Racer score or suck?  Nerd World has links to even more trailers.

Comic Foundry has some photos from the upcoming Watchmen flick.


Prompted by awards season (WCCAs, Eisners)  Mr. Myth takes a look at where webcomics fit (or not) into short form and long form comics.



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