The Gods of Arr-Kelaan: Going Home (Book 2)

The webcomic The Gods of Arr-Kelaan will be printing their second volume of their “Going Home” series in August 2005.

The second volume of The Gods of Arr-Kelaan: Going Home will complete the tale of Ronson’s journey across the strange planet of Arr-Kelaan in search of the spaceship that brought him there. Ronson continues to be uncomfortable with his unwanted godlike power, as well as with his fellow survivors from the crash.

The comic is to be published with Drunk Duck Comics. The creator of “The Gods of Arr-Kelaan” is Chuck Rowles, and he is assisted by his brother Steve Rowles and his wife Martha Pezzino. Together, they form the artistic Team Rubber Mallet.

The book will be 196 pages (color cover with black and white interior pages), and will include several pages of new material that was never – and never will be – published online.

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