Graphic Smash announced the launch of Bryceworld, an all-ages science fiction webcomic. This weekly, full-color serial can be found here.

It’s the story of 16-year-old rebel Bryce Metzger, who finds himself on the other side of the galaxy with nobody to call a friend except the intelligent computer program Terry and the strange prototype starship, the Cutting Edge. Bryce has no desire to return home to the control-freak father he left behind, so he spends his time exploring the galaxy and finding out more about himself and the universe around him.

“This isn’t just kid’s stuff,” said Steve Horton, scripter of Bryceworld. “It’s a coming-of-age tale, which I’ve always felt transcends age boundaries. Plus, it’s got space battles, explosions, and crazy robots.”

Joining Horton on Bryceworld is Australian comics artist Sean Lee. His fusion of manga, European, and American influences is apparent. “What interested me in this project was the feeling that it gave, similar to that of the old-school Star Wars movies, where there are a lot of worlds and creatures to explore,” Lee said. “The creativity. Anything can happen. The only limit is my imagination.”

Inking the project is Bill Meiggs. Longtime comics fans may recognize Meiggs from his work on Advanced Iron, the online Iron Man fanzine. Coloring Bryceworld is Grecian graphic artist Spyros Kontis, and last but not least is indie comics veteran letterer Johnny Lowe.