The Guardian Writes About Cyberbegging As Something Positive

A recent story in the Guardian Online tackles the emerging trend of online charity or cyberbegging and includes a couple of paragraphs on R K Millholland’s efforts:

When Randy Milholland set up his online comic, he was updating it nearly every day. But real life inevitably interfered and he didn’t have time to draw as often. His readers started to complain, so he gave them an ultimatum: pay him what he earned last year – around $13,000 – and he would quit his job and work for them.

“It was intended as a way to get people to shut up,” he said. “I assumed they would just grow quiet and let me do my thing. Instead, I got $2,000 in the first day.” The average donation was $5 – but with a lot of regular readers, he raised the total in less than a month.


Xaviar Xerexes

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