Guest Blogger Introduction: Steve Troop

I just read my bio that was written about me a few days ago on this site and see that I'm a lot more impressive than in real life! Contrary to what was written here, I did not build puppets for a "They Might Be Giants" video (that was Melonpool" anymore, it's still a very big part of my life. I'm currently working on a feature-length film version that will hopefully live up to all the hype — and I've been designing puppets for such companies as Nike (the Kobe and Lebron MVPuppets commercials) and Intel (I designed the head of the robot in the Superbowl commercial). I also drew a little comic called "CryptoZooey" that may or may not have a second issue in the next few months — still working on that one.

So, all in all, I've been pretty busy — if not in the world of webcomics. I'm so far out of the loop, I've been scrambling for something to write about here — but that obvioulsy has never stopped me before!