Guest Bloggery!


Hey there! My name is Brandon J. Carr and I'll be guest blogging a few times this week. I've been doing and studying comics and cartooning since I was young enough to hold a crayon. I've been doing online comics off and on since 2001, such as Between the Panels, Quantum, Crater City, Life's a Bluff, The Kenmore, Weird Adventures in Unemployment and a bunch of guest comics for my buddies in the cartooning world.

While I don't have the following of someone who's been creating more consistent output for that amount of time, I make and read comics for the love of the art. That's part of what I'll be exploring the rest of the week here at ComixTALK. I'll also be looking into the fact that my interest in the industry is waning and will hopefully be able to get to the bottom of it. I still hold that comics is a powerful and evocative storytelling medium…I'm just not sure we're doing it right.

So I'll see you guys over the rest of the week. I also have a sweet expose about some rival webcomic creators coming up to round out the week.


PS – I've gotten way behind at updating my personal site at, but I'm all over the Twitters. Join me, won't you?