debuts Aeon Flux Comic Reader breaks the barrier between form and function with new webcomic reader. unveils their brand new comic reader software with the debut of the Aeon Flux comic sneak peek. The comic reader software used to display the comic online is a step farther than any other online reader currently being used. Developed in conjunction with for use with many of their comic and entertainment related properties, the reader has been designed to bring an emersive, free flowing experience to reading online comics. The reader is flash based and takes advantage of an extensive backend to bring the reader the ability to jump ahead, backward or to read as fast or slow as they want without any wait for load time.

Currently the reader can be viewed exclusively at and houses the Aeon Flux comic book preview from Dark Horse Comics. Licensing of the reader will be made available soon.



  1. Hmm, let’s see….

    • Spread-oriented, i.e. it shows two facing pages. First/previous/next/last buttons at the bottom. No other navigation options apparent.
    • It uses a separate JPEG file for each page. These are fetched and cached by your browser. A small number of pages are prefetched on launch.
    • The spread is scaled to fit your browser window. There is no way to match the display size to the underlying image size.
  2. Um, but on a serious note, my virus scanner alerted me to the presence of the “Clicker.HTML.Iframe.a” trojan (whatever that is) when I first loaded the Aeon Flux page at Probably not a big deal. But, you know, just to be on the safe side, might be best to wait until that’s explained by the powers that be who created this comics viewer …


  3. Oh my god! Someone invented a flash browser to view comics!

    DURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! This looks like nothing special to me… except that a mediocre webcomic site is attaching it’s name to bigger properties for exposure.

    So, so, transparent. Doesn’t anyone know how to TRULY Bullshit these days?

  4. PS…. Bill Jemas should have talked to Crossgen, who had a MUCH MUCH better browser setup that allowed you to zoom, etc… I think it even read the book to you!

  5. Yeah, I’ve seen other Flash comic interfaces that I liked better, including Alpha-Shade’s own, but of course they have the advantage being a Flash comic also. At least the text should be redone in Flash for JPG comics.

    Also both the Aeon comic and new movie coming out look like totally different things that are calling themselves Aeon Flux. I want Aeon Flux. =(

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