Gutterwallowing by Michael McKay-Fleming

I love comics. I love comic books, comic strips, web comics. I love superheroes, indies, underground, naughty, sci fi, fantasy, auto biography, funny, furry; hell, I even chuckle at Family Circus once in awhile.

"So what," I hear you saying, "we all do (except that Family Circus thing. That’s just freaky)."

Listen closely (or read closely, you know what I mean) and all your questions will be answered.

When I started a short lived e-zine called "Gutterwallowing" it was going to encompass all aspects of the comic medium. I saw a disparity in comic media coverage. Magazines and websites all had their own slant. Comic strips were seldom mentioned in the same breath as comic books; mainstream ignored the independent and visa versa; and web comics were never mentioned.

I wanted to have a zine that would share space with interviews with Will Eisner and reviews of the latest web comics right next to an article on For Better or For Worse. It was going to be great.

Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to complete the monthly issues and so it went the way of many of my projects. Nowhere. It lasted two issues, but those two issues were packed with fascinating interviews and articles. You can still read the archives at the Gutterwallowing site.

And then the fine people of Comixpedia asked me to do a monthly column dealing with a paired down version of that lamentably short-lived zine. I immediately agreed and so here I am.

Who am I you may ask. My name is Michael and I am probably best known for my online strip, Alice! a strip about an imaginative young girl and her day to day life, both the fantastical and the mundane.

So each month I’ll bring my humble opinion about the world of sequential art. It’s a much maligned and misunderstood medium and it’s one I hope to help elevate. Future columns will include everything from informal interviews to critiques of current trends. I believe all forms of the medium have validity and should be examined with an open mind. I don’t feel one aspect is more important than another, one genre more artistic than another, but we should be critical and strive for the very best. It is a medium that deserves greater respect.

And I may even expound on the virtues of Family Circus. You have been forewarned.