Happy Holiday, Halloweens and Halloweenettes

Anyone doing the characters in halloween costume bit particularly well this year? I spotted Diesel Sweeties and Theater Hopper this morning making with the masked funny.

In “teh drama” department: TCJ members attempt to beat Ted Rall senseless with words. Oh, teh drama… (I only post this to point out that teh drama is hardly limited to webcomics)

In the nice publicity department: BoingBOING links to the new book collection of Toothpaste for Dinner webcomics.

In the readers can be Mary Sue too department: User Friendly today gives a reader who won a charity auction his “appearance” in a UF strip.

In the “wha?” department: I still often refer to Strunk & White’s “The Elements of Style” – it is a most useful guide for grammar. But is the world is ready for Strunk & White – the Musical?

In the not exactly webcomics but still kewl department: Stuck trying to come up with a cheap punchline for your next webcomic? Try the The Euphemism Generator.

And last but not least, check out a Pitchfork magazine interview with Jeph Jacques of Questionable Content. (Speaking of QC in today’s strip Ellen is wearing a “SMIF College” t-shirt. That just strikes me as vaguely… dirty. But I have no idea why. Unless of course there really is a SMIF College out there in which case nevermind.)


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