Hard On Comixpedia

hard writes up his reaction to week one’s articles at Comixpedia. Yeah I know we’re on week 3 but I just saw this.

Sure we deserve scrutiny – to some extent it’s validating that Comixpedia provokes as much as a reaction as it does. (Still it would take a lot to equal the flamefest we got during January’s issue). I guess I see how the review and the column in week one bugged hard (Certainly week 3 is a different tone) but there wasn’t any intent to create an anti-sex comic impression though. Nothing conscious about it anyhow.

I liked the comments to hard’s posts. A few were knee-jerk harsh, but many were interesting (even if still equally harsh).

But the comment from Scrubbo was the last straw. I mean after that I’m not sure it’s worth it to go on with Comixpedia. Scrubbo thinks Comixpedia is “a pile of retarded crap.” I mean not just crap but mentally deficient, developmentally-disabled crap. Seriously – he must have thought about it and said, it’s not just crap, it’s something even worse. Crappy-crap? No not the right flavor. Lemony-lime crap? Wait that’s just silly. No I’m sure at some point it occured to him the only accurate label for Comixpedia involved just the right combination of excretory and mental activity.

And that’s not a comment I would ever apply to his own work. So I’m not sure what to do.

Actually I could care less what Scrubbo said. I just like saying Scrubbo. Scrubbo, scrubbo, scrubbo!!!


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