Hard Hates Me.

Actually I have no idea if Hard hates anyone but for someone who simply got a mixed review from a one year old website he seems to spend a lot of time writing about about how horribly awful and negative and injurious and just plain pretenious is Comixpedia. Maybe I should stop reading Hard’s LiveJournal. He probably would be unhappy that someone who works with someone who wrote a mixed review of a webcomic that is one of the better known and widely read webcomics on the Internet today is reading his LiveJournal. He can be an entertaining read though and there is sometimes interesting discussion in the comments.

This thread though is somewhat misleading as Hard and his fans have lumped Comixpedia in with The Webcomics Examiner as a bunch of fuddy-duddy circlewanks who want to drink wine and talk about the high art of the webcomic medium. I guess I can’t blame Hard who probably hasn’t read the site lately but c’mon some of his commenters must have noticed that we had an epic, heated discussion about the new webcomic mag on the block this past week. I think it’s safe to say that Comixpedia is not going to win any pretentiousness battles in the webcomic magzine biz.

Comixpedia has always been about love of webcomics and doing our best to spotlight great stuff about this emerging medium. I’m not sure how many of the reviews have been less than "hey this is a 100% perfect webcomic" but I am sure that none of the reviews have not pointed out positive aspects about the webcomic reviewed. Every webcomic we’ve reviewed has something to it to merit the trouble to write a review and let Comixpedia readers know more about that webcomic. It’s a little frustrating to hear some folks parrot claims that Comixpedia hates webcomics and is a profoundly negative site when anyone who has surfed even a small fraction of the articles would know that’s just not true.

In fact, anyone reading Comixpedia is bound to feel the eternal sunshine of our boundless love for webcomics. And crack cocaine. Hang on and let me check that last bit. Nope, sorry, it’s just love for the webcomics. Shouldn’t that be enough?


Xaviar Xerexes

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