Hello ComixTALK, My Old Friend

So far 2012 has been a great year but it hasn't left me much time to spend on comics.

MILESTONES:  Bucko, the very funny hipster mystery webcomic is finished. Comics Alliance has an interview with the creators Erica Moen and Jeff Parker. This was a really enjoyable strip and successfully translated a lot of Erica Moen's sensibilities from her diary webcomic to a fictionalized setting.

KICKSTART MY ART: In addition to posting about Christopher Baldwin's Kickstarter campaing for Spacetrawler Volume 2 yesterday, I wanted to write about Rich Stevens' now full-funded kickstarter drive. Stevens is going to put out an ebook compiling his entire run of 3000 Diesel Sweeties comics.  Stevens has been busy experimenting with different approaches to digital comics — he re-releasing his first book as a free ebook (downloaded over 140,000 times);  he's been putting out a month's worth of comics at a time in magazine format for the iPad (10,000 downloads in three days); and for some time now he's offered PDFs of older comics for download. Stevens asked for $3000, he's north of $20,000 as I write this.  If you're a fan, it's got a great set of rewards for supporters — go check it out.

HYPE: Lauren Davis writes glowingly about The Wormwood Saga which has two long updates in its archive, with the third one expected in April.

MAILBAG: Marcus Muller writes about his webcomic King of the Unknown – a rock-powered webcomic that’s equal parts supernatural horror, raunchy comedy, action epic, and all-you-can-eat conspiracy theory buffet:

Stygian horrors, alien invasions, covert ops…all just another day at the office for the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.  Ever since a supernatural mishap transformed the King and forced him to fake his own death (and perhaps forced some of his sanity into early retirement), he has dedicated his new secret life to a shadowy government organization known as the Institute for Research and Study of the Unknown (IRSU).  Their mission: to keep our world safe – and blissfully ignorant – from the unknown forces that constantly threaten our very existence.


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