Historical Romance Comic Crossover Event

Do you like monumental films like ‘Cleopatra’ with Elisabeth Taylor? Did you grow up with Prince Valiant and all the other knights from the round table? Have you ever imagined your comic characters being part of a historical romance story? Yes? Then this event may be the right choice for you 🙂

All webcomic artists of different genres are invited to join the Historical Romance Comic Crossover event – go to this information page and participate to see your favorite character in a completely different way. Submissions are possible up to May 30th.



  1. This would be fun if for nothing else than to draw my characters in period costumes. Granted one week doesn’t give me a lot of time to make something that doesn’t suck.

  2. Ghastly, you just have to sign up to may 30th 🙂 on may 31th I’m gonna make the pairs, post them on the page and then you just have to contact your partner to decide which characters and historical setting – the final deadline for the *art* is june 15th … 🙂

    so don’t hurry, you have much time left. May I count your posting here as signup? 😛

  3. I’m still not entirely sure what this project is exactly. We’re just drawing a picture of our characters as some famous historical romance couple but we’re partnered with someone else? It’s going to be kind of hard to draw half a picture.

    Or do we each draw a picture using our partner’s characters? Or do we each draw a picture using one of our partner’s characters and one of our own?

    So we’re not actually doing a strip then, like the Valentine’s Day cross-over event, just a picture?

  4. Ohkaaay … 🙂 You got a partner. Both of you choose one of your characters from your comic – this makes a couple. I don’t care if they are both female or male or the traditional couple man-woman, that’s totally up to you and your partner.

    Then you decide together which kind of historical setting you want to have. And both of you draw the couple in the setting – a picture from each partner, so you have at least two pictures of the same couple, in different artistic styles. I thought this would be the easiest way to cooperate with another artist without being forced to draw half a picture.
    No strip, just one picture (this should make the two weeks deadline possible)

    I think it depends on my lousy english that not everything was clear ..*sigh* 🙂

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