How About A Thursday Morning News Update?

So there’s a little bit going on this morning. Read the extended entry for the news. This weekend will be the last installment of our January issue – we have another installment of Damonk’s column along with reviews and interviews. Next month – “To The Infinite Canvas and Beyond” or “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Long-Form Webcomic”.

There’s a great article about Jeph Jacques who creates the webcomic Questionable Content full time. I have to admit, QC has become my favorite post-Bobbins, Bobbins-type comic.

And Bigger Than Cheeses reaches 500 comics this Friday after nearly 4 years of production. Congrats to Desmond Seah.

The Comics Reporter pointed out this interview with a Marvel executive that includes some insight into their business right now.

And The Wandering Ones by Clint Hollingsworth is getting the review treatment by the Comicon Webcomic Club.



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  1. So Comixpedia next month is an extended metaphor for falling? ;D

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