How to Get Your Print Comic on Amazon

from Boing BOING comes this explanation of the process by which you can get your self-publication listed on Amazon.

1 Get an ISBN (for a book), or a UPC (for a CD or DVD). For one book it costs $125, for one CD, $55, for one DVD, $89 (Canadian publishers, including self-publishers, can get ISBNs for free by going to the Library and Archives Canada website).
2 Get a bar code based on the ISBN or UPC. Costs $10, or may be included in UPC.
3 Sign up with Amazon, $30 per year.
4 Duplicate your stuff; include the bar code on the outside.
5 Ship two copies to Amazon.
6 Send cover scan.
7 Track sales.
8 Register it (optional).

More details here.

Xaviar Xerexes

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  1. Damn that’s a lot of jumping around. I paid my printer one flat fee and they did the rest. All I had to do was send Amazon a picture of my book cover to complete the listing.

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