1. If I’m reading that article right, it sounds like they’re telling folks to engage in a variant of “comic-ripping”, an activity known to raise the ire of some webcartoonists. But, at least the author told folks to buy a t-shirt while swiping the comic files.

  2. Maybe it should have been submitted under the “Legal Beagle” icon instead of the “Tools” icon?

    I very much doubt, in any event, that future Playstations will come with blocking software/hardware to prevent this, and this item has also already appeared over at Digital Strips and buzzBugle, as well. The genie is most definitely out of the bottle (or Pandora’s box, if anyone cares to mix metaphors).

    Perhaps it’s time for a mad webcomics genius to step forward with a means to work with this — and gain some kind of advantage — instead of complaining about or fighting against it? I have no ideas, myself.

  3. Nah, I tried that angle and nothing went right and promises were never kept. I say we burn all evidence of this event a move into the mountains. We can draw our comics on cave walls where they will remain secure for centuries.

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