Howard Tayler Brings ‘Schlock’ to Blank Label Comics

Howard Tayler, creator of the popular webcomic, Schlock Mercenary, has joined the webcomics publishing co-op Blank Label Comics.

Tayler brings a considerable amount of business acumen to the fledgling co-op. He co-founded the independent record company Sanctus Records in 1995, which he sold in 2000. He spent five years as the Product Manager and Product Line Manager for Novell GroupWise, a $100 million per year business.

Few people represent the transition of webcomics from hobby to business the way Howard Tayler does. He is credited with re-introducing Google’s AdSense to a struggling webcomics community — a strategy that has been adopted by several other webcomics creators and Web syndicates. More importantly, his expertise has allowed him to leave his position with Novell to pursue cartooning full time.

In joining Blank Label, Tayler gains membership in a webcomics organization with a short but very impressive track record for executing on its vision. He will also benefit from the multitude of skills and responsibilities that are shared within the Blank Label co-op.

Tayler started his webcomic in June 2000. By Fall 2000 he was serving up 5,000 pageviews-per-day. Today, the site serves over 100,000 pageviews-per-day for an average 3 million pageviews per month. This readership will add considerable value to buying advertising with Blank Label Comics.

Blank Label Comics is proud to gain his membership and looks forward to putting his skillfulness and mentoring to work.

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