I Hate Mondays

Isn’t "I Hate Mondays" the name of every Garfield collection?  Journalista! linked to a review of the Garfield Minus Garfield book that Jim Davis put out.  Davis coopted the derivative work created by Dan Walsh (he did include Walsh in the book effort – he penned the introduction). I thought the idea of GMG was clever but I don’t think I could read a whol book’s worth of them myself.

Julia Keller combines an apologia for covering graphic novels in her beat as literary critic for the Chicago Tribune with praise for the recent comic adaptation of Farenheit 451. (h/t to Hero Complex)

New news on Sony’s E-reader — Sony plans on supporting an open platform for content on the machine (which is a big contrast from Amazon’s approach with the Kindle). (h/t Journalista!)


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